When horses arrive at Gallop Again, they are evaluated, and some horses are all ready for
their new homes, vaccinated, trained, broke to ride and de-wormed, but a lot of times they
are not. This is the most expensive part, and sometimes it really adds up, if you would like
to sponser a horse that is being rehabilitated please contact Sarah or Jennifer.

Some horses are
underweight, starving or  
have injuries, wounds, or
need corrective trimming
for their hooves.

Some horses just need
updated on de-worming,
vaccinations and teeth
Some horses have been
abused and need
retraining and socializing
with positive experiences
with humans. This can be a
lengthy process.
Some horses have had no
training at all or are not
broke to ride. These horses
we have to start from the
beginning and it could take
months or longer to
Horses in rehabilitation
Tiago arrived at Gallop Again on March 24, 2009. His fate was to end up being
slaughtered. He was rescued from an auction barn, where he was headed to
yet another auction that would seal his fate.
A lot of the horses he was in the pen, were injured or sick like him. You can
see the old injury that was still trying to heal on its own on his right hind leg.
Tiago is a paint gelding that is believed to be around 5 years of age. He does
not appear to have had any training.
He is very thankful to have been saved. It took him over a week to trust
Sarah and Jennifer, but he is getting more and more used to being
On day 8, Tiago started to let us catch him in his quarantine area, without a chase! He is starting to realize
that we are here to help him.
Daisey Mae arrived at Gallop Again on April 7, 2009 from another rescue. Daisey Mae was
originally fostered by Sarah Rose McGuire back in January of 2008 when she was first
rescued. When she  first arrived at Sarah's barn in January of 2008 Daisey was around 636
pounds. Sarah provided hay and grain to the rescue Daisey was with and Daisey gladly
accepted, she had to be fed small amounts at first, due to her being hundreds of pounds
underweight. Daisey started gaining weight and put on 200 pounds by April! Around this
time, she left to go to another location, and go back into the care of the rescue she was
with.  Daisey Mae went up for adoption in 2008 and was still available when Gallop Again
had an opening after Mariah was adopted. Daisey Mae was transferred to Gallop Again and
is undergoing rehabilitation for handling of her feet and being retrained to be able to be
ridden again.
5/20/09 Daisey Mae update!!! Daisey got her hooves trimmed today for the first time since February of
2008. She had to be sedated before we could trim them. Thanks to Trish and Kim for all the help!! :)
After Daisey's sedative kicked in we were able to hold her feet up for the farrier long enough for her to
get the hooves trimmed and rasped lightly. You can see from the bottom right photo how much hoof
needed to come off. You can see from the bottom left photo where Daisey has hay sticking out of her
mouth, that it took a little while for the sedative to wear off....
Daisey is an Arabian cross mare, that is around 7 years of age.
She is a very sweet mare. She was broke to ride in the past, but will need some refreshing in
that area, and some work done with her feet. She is not used to having her feet touched, so
we will be working with her feet.
She is around 14.1 hands and extends her legs very nicely...
to our surprise was fine when we sat on her back and walked her around.
Jennifer stands next to Daisey on her
first day at Sarah's in January of 2008.
She came from West Virginia. You can
see her ribs showing, when we took the
blanket off, we were surprised to find
that she was hundreds of pounds
underweight!! She had a long recovery
to go......
Sarah and Jennifer try to calm Daisey
Virginia. It was a new beginning for
Sarah and Jennifer try to calm Daisey
trying, but Daisey had a strong and
after her long trailer ride from West
Daisey. The next few months would be
gentle spirit and she won all of our
hearts from the get go :)
Congrats Daisey Mae on your first riding lesson!!! It finally happened, Daisey Mae's potential is shining through. She has
been undergoing handling by Gallop Again and getting ready for her riding debut. Good job Sarah and Daisey!! Daisey did
wonderful. She will have lots of potential as a riding horse! 6/22/09 Daisey completed her 2nd training lesson and we're
working on the canter!
A 21 year old Thoroughbred gelding Tough Racket was rescued 6-15-09. He is very underweight. He is being carefully fed
so that he can slowly start gaining his weight back. He was once a successful racehorse but just needs some TLC. Please
watch for his full story coming soon.

We are raising money for our next auction rescue horse. The rescue will take place this summer! Stay tuned. If you
would like to donate time or items to our Auction Horse Project please email us.
Retired racehorse rescued 6-15-09
Tough Racket peers out
a window after arriving
at Gallop Again. His
future is full of food and
6/24/09 From left to right: Tough Racket's first gallop!! Tough Racket's first bath since
arrival. What a sweetheart. He has rain rot, and hoof abcesses along with him being
underweight. He has a long way to go, but he has already gained 50 pounds! He is huge at
17 hands! Update: 7/25/09 Tough Racket has gained enough weight, where we could sit on
his back to evaluate his riding ability before he goes into foster care. We kept it very short,
since he is still gaining weight, he is a sweetie under the saddle. He has a BIG trot!