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We are always looking for volunteers.
We have an open position currently for an Unpaid Internship - Must be 13-18 to apply
We offer hours for NHS (National Honor Society)

Gallop Again Volunteer Application
Sarah McGuire - Owner/Founder
Sarah is the Founder of Gallop Again. She also is one of the riding instructors and gives lessons on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Sundays. Sarah teaches all ages but specializes in children ages 3-12
Contact her at : or by phone -513-312-5419
Kelsie Murray - Program Director/Riding Instructor
Kelsie is an integral part of Gallop Again and handles many of the details of running the program along with
being a riding instructor. Kelsie teaches all ages but specializes in teaching older children and young adults.
Kelsie gives lessons on Sundays and Wednesday evenings.
Contact her at: or by phone -1-412-585-1205
Rachel Campbell - Riding Instructor
Rachel has been riding since she was 3 and teaching almost that long. Gallop Again is so blessed to have
her as part of our team. Rachel teaches all ages but  specializes in teaching children and teenagers. Rachel
currently gives lessons on Sundays and Mondays
Contact her at: or by phone at 513-418-7711
Louise Langhorst - Part Time Riding Instructor and Summer Camp Specialist
Louise learned to ride when she was a young child growing up in England. Louise helps out with many of our
summer camp programs and sometimes fills in as a riding instructor.
Contact her at: or by phone at 513-266-5429